Homeschooling With Hira Videos

Creative Writing Videos

A guide for parents and home schoolers about how to help kids to become independent writers.

Silent Letters In English Words Videos

Silent letters are the most trickiest part of the English language. Most of us don’t understand why do we have them, however, they exists. So let’s learn some rules for silent letters in English to avoid spelling mistakes.

Jolly Phonics Videos

Jolly Phonics is a synthetic phonics scheme, taught in schools internationally with great results. So here’s a guide for you, on how you can teach phonics at home to your kids.

Tricky Words Videos

Does your child struggle with tricky words? Try these techniques to help him at home.

English Spelling Rules Videos

English does not have a lot of exceptions but is still a complex language because it follows many rules. If you are interested to learn English spelling rules, this playlist is for you.

Jolly Grammar

Grammar is the backbone of any language and teaching grammar to kids is something quite difficult because of the traditional teaching methods. So why not learn some new techniques of teaching grammar to little ones? Check out this playlist to learn more.

Alternative Spellings Videos

Many sounds in English have more than one pattern to write them. Specifically, vowel sounds are famous to trick us with their multi spellings. So don’t let them trick you and learn these spelling patterns. 

Long And Short Vowels Videos

Long and short vowels have a significant place in English phonology. Without a vowel, we cannot make a word, and hence it is necessary to learn about vowels and their sounds.

Blends/Consonant Clusters Videos

For fluency in reading, if you want to teach anything to your child it should be “blends/ consonant clusters”. Initial and final consonant blends help children to say the words easily and therefore read the text fluently. Here are some videos to guide you on how you should teach blends to kids.

Activities For Toddlers Videos

Before speaking, reading, and writing there is a lot more to do and that is to work on the motor mechanism of little ones. Here you will find DIY activities for the training of muscles, eye and hand coordination, indirect preparation for writing, development of patience, and persistence. Watch these videos to help out your toddlers.