75 Phonogram Flashcards


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Soft copy of flashcards for all 75 English phonograms in pdf format(printable). A must-have for teaching basic and advanced English spelling.

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The English language has 26 letters, 42 sounds/phonemes, and 75 phonograms. 25 of them are vowels, 7 are r-controlled vowels, 45 are consonant sounds, and 5 are other vowel combinations. If you’re teaching your children to spell bigger and longer words with the correct recognition of sounds and phonograms(letters with which the sound is represented, for example, igh for long vowel i sound) this set of flashcards is a must-have. It’ll help you in the regular drill of the 75 phonograms because it’s handy and the letters are written clearly on each card along with the sound and example words.

Moreover, you can use this set in your online and offline spelling classes as a teacher and at home as a homeschooling mom. It’s a one-time purchase for a lifetime.

What you’ll get: Soft copy of 75 phonogram flashcards in pdf format.

To listen to the correct sound of each phonogram, you can refer to this video.


Hope you like the resource.